Clean air within 20 mins of civilisation

Only 20mins from ‘civilisation’ Night Pastures is set within 24 hectares of open space giving you the space to breath  and move with the elements

Celebrate Nature

Just being and sharing space. Walk together, talk together, play together.

Isolation, don’t see a soul

Lower Lodge farm is a quiet idyl surrounded by changable a landscape, ancient woodlands, challenging walks, pretty much… all to yourself! 

Stunning, tranquil Sussex countryside

Country life is the only available type of paradise for people who seek peace, calm, beauty, and harmony. 

COVID-19 Protocols

Together we can stay safe, keep well and enjoy the rest of the summer.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you book directly with us and we are asked to close, your hometown has travel restrictions imposed or if you are formally asked to self isolate by NHS track & trace, we guarantee that we will move your booking to a date that suits you either this season on next so you won’t loose your money.